What vulnerabilities? Live hacking of Containers and Orchestrators

Where: NDC Oslo Date: 20th June 2019

We often see alerts about vulnerabilities being found in frameworks that we use today, but should we really care about them? What’s the worst that can happen? Can someone own a container? Could they run a bitcoin miner on my servers? Are they able to own the cluster?

In this talk, we look at one of the worst-case scenarios from a real-world perspective. We have a red team member attempting to hack a cluster we own with a live hack on stage whilst the blue team member tries to stop it from happening.

We’ll discuss developing best practices, implement security policies and how best to monitor your services to put preventative measures in place.

How we contributed to the community with no code

Where: KubeCon CloudNative Europe / Barcelona Date: 10th May 2019

This time last year, two people from Wales, United Kingdom decried to bring the CNCF to their doorstep.

Previously, they were attending international conferences and national meetups to meet and be a part of the community.

Knowing that they were in a privileged position, they wanted to share it with others that, for whatever reason, were unable to make these events.

Cloud Native Wales will be soon celebrating a year of meetups, and best of all, we get to share this with the 100’s of people within our meetup community.

This talk will inspire you to take the chance to branch the CNCF and build a community closer to home, help others learn, share and contribute to the world wide community.

Shaun of the Dev

Where: PubConf Date: 1st February 2019

Rapid-fire funny talks, musical acts, and comedy stunts from amazing developers.

Scaling microservices with Message queues, .NET and Kubernetes

Where: NDC London. Date: 30th January 2019.

When you design and build applications at scale, you deal with two significant challenges: scalability & robustness. You should design your service so that even if it is subject to intermittent heavy loads, it continues to operate reliably. But how do you build such applications? And how do you deploy an application that scales dynamically? Kubernetes has a feature called autoscaler where instances of your applications are increased or decreased automatically based on metrics that you define.

In this talk, you’ll learn how to design, package & deploy reliable .NET applications to Kubernetes & decouple several components using a message broker. You will also learn how to set autoscaling rules to cope with an increasing influx of messages in the queue.

One Monolith / One Macroservice / Many Microservices

Where: µCon London 2018 - The Microservices Conference. Date: 5th November 2018.

From working with a number of companies, the only constant is seeing that each company has their own way of migrating from a monolith to a microservice architecture, and it never working out as planned. In this talk Lewis will share with you the idea of embracing your monolith and making it a macroservice. He’ll explore the benefits of this approach from both a technical and business perspective, and plan how to convert this macroserivce into microservices.

Video: SkillsMatter

Tutorial: Use Kubernetes to Deploy .NET Applications

Where: ProgNET London 2018. Date: 12th September 2018.

With the explosive momentum of Docker, Kubernetes has become the de-facto standard for orchestrating and managing containerised apps in production.


CTO and Co-Founder Talk with Dave Albert

Date: 12th March 2019.

Find out the parallels of mental health to monoliths versus microservices!