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Wordpress and Docker

Local Development

Investigation into using Wordpress with Angular, decided to spin up a Wordpress docker image to play about locally with.

docker pull wordpress
docker pull mysql:latest
docker run --name demo-mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=password -d mysql:tag
docker run --name demo-wordpress --link demo-mysql:mysql -p 4202:80 -d wordpress

Deployment of WordPress and MySQL Containers with Docker

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Deploy Custom Docker Image to Azure Web App

Requires Azure Cli to be installed.

  • Deployment in Azure via Azure Cli:
az group create --name HoneyBadgerResourceGroup --location "West Europe"
az appservice plan create --name HoneyBadgerServicePlan --resource-group HoneyBadgerResourceGroup --sku B1 --is-linux
az webapp create --resource-group HoneyBadgerResourceGroup --name HoneyBadgerApp --plan HoneyBadgerServicePlan --deployment-container-image-name denhamparry/honeybadger:latest
  • Delete resource group:
az group delete --name HoneyBadgerResourceGroup --no-wait --yes -y
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