Time Tracking

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After going to a couple of meetings in a new contract, we realised that there were blockers that could not be controlled within the team. These could range from not being able to contact someone within working hours to unlock a service to a faulty computer losing hours or development time within a sprint.

The Solution

I made the suggestion of time tracking these activities by individuals within the team. This data could then be reviewed and passed up the business chain so that people could understand the financial costs being incurred due to avoidable issues.

A solution is required so that:

  • Any member within the team can manage their own time being recorded
  • That multiple events could be recorded at any one time
  • That the data was easy to report on and manage
  • That the was no significant financial cost to invest in this

The Products


  • Cost
    • Free version available
  • Availability
    • Web version available (limited mobile responsiveness)
    • Desktop application available – This had issues with the contracts proxy
    • iOS and Android apps
  • Teams
    • Allows functionality for teams
  • Cons
    • Can only run one timer at a time
    • Web mobile not responsive
    • Desktop client doesn’t work behind a proxy
    • Weekly email report


  • Cost
    • Free version available
    • 30 day Pro account trial on signup
  • Availability
    • Web version available (mobile ready)
    • iOS app only
  • Teams
    • Allows functionality for teams
  • Pros
    • Can run multiple timers at once
  • Cons
    • No android app
    • No desktop version
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