Getting started with OpenFaas on Kubernetes with Raspberry Pis

This is a non-technical review of getting setup on a load of buzz words. Spoiler alert: Its the most fun I’ve had with technology in a long time and is a lot easier than you think thanks to a talented and helpful community. I went to NDC London to go on a two day Kubernetes workshop with Ben Hall and three days of talks. Firstly, the workshop with Ben is fantastic.

.Net Standard 101

.net Standard is a contract that allows an API to be Standard compliant. Its not a downloadable package. If you want to support more platforms, aim for a low .net Standard version number to support more frameworks. dotnet Core issues included the API not being familiar to dotnet developers, which is what Core 2.0 aims for.

Setting up OpenSSH on Windows Server 2016

Download the latest –zip– file from Github Run script on server to download the file: PS C:\> Invoke-WebRequest https://githu -OutFile Extract the files from the zip file: PS C:\> Expand-Archive .\ 'C:\Program Files\' Update the Enviroment Path: PS C:\> ($env:path).split(“;”) PS C:\> $oldpath = (Get-ItemProperty -Path ‘Registry::HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment’ -Name PATH).path PS C:\> $newpath = “$oldpath;C:\Program Files\OpenSSH-Win64\” PS C:\> Set-ItemProperty -Path ‘Registry::HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment’ -Name PATH -Value $newPath Can use the following command to create a temporary path: $env:path+='c:this' Restart Powershell / Server for changes to take effect.

Hiding extensions in VS Code

I’ve enjoyed using spell checkers in IDEs, but feel that there should be some boundaries. I couldn’t find a quick way to hide an extension via the IDE UI, so had to look for more information: Open VS Code User Settings: –Code– > –Preferences– > –Settings– ⌘+ , Search for the extension name or –Status Bar– Disabled the extension. References Visual Studio Code User Interface Readme mac command

Update Hosts file in MacOS

Open the Hosts file with nano: $ sudo nano /etc/hosts Add the mapping and close nano with ==ctrl== and ==x==. Flush the DNS: $ sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

Setting up a Lets Encrypt Certificate on Windows Server 2016 Core

I wanted to use Lets Encrypt to create certificates for my home server. Once created I’ve exported a .pfx file so that I can reuse the certificate in third party services. Install IIS and Web Application Development Windows Feature PS C:\> Install-WindowsFeature -Name Web-Server PS C:\> Install-WindowsFeature -Name Web-App-Dev -IncludeAllSubFeature Add Domain Binding to Default Web Site PS C:\> New-WebBinding -Name "Default Web Site" -IPAddress "*" -Port 80 -HostHeader Setup Certify Install Certify.

StorageOS and Docker - Getting Started

Introduction StorageOS Documenting the scripts used to get up and running with StorageOS. Quotes will be added for a-ha moments. 00: Setup Install VirtualBox. Install Vagrant 1.9.3. Create a new directory to install the enviroment. Download the Vagrantfile. $ curl -sS -o Vagrantfile Run vagrant up to provision three Ubuntu 16.04 VMs running Docker, the StorageOS container, and the StorageOS CLI. $ vagrant up Connect onto one of the nodes post installation: $ vagrant ssh storageos-1; If you’ve followed the steps within Setup, skip to 02: Provisioning Storage.

Alexa Bristol Workshop November 2017

Attended an Alexa Workshop on the 3rd November 2017 in Bristol hosted by Amazon, these are my notes. Introduction Hosted by David Low Twitter Accounts maxamorde muttonia Alexa Design Alexa Build Course sign-up link Amazon Developer Amazon AWS Theory Mobile moment: when someone picks up a device to achieve a goal. e.g. watching football in front of the tv, get extra detail. Ask person next to you, why not shout it towards the tv.

Time Tracking

After going to a couple of meetings in a new contract, we realised that there were blockers that could not be controlled within the team. These could range from not being able to contact someone within working hours to unlock a service to a faulty computer losing hours or development time within a sprint. The Solution I made the suggestion of time tracking these activities by individuals within the team. This data could then be reviewed and passed up the business chain so that people could understand the financial costs being incurred due to avoidable issues.

Wordpress and Docker

##Local Development Investigation into using Wordpress with Angular, decided to spin up a Wordpress docker image to play about locally with. docker pull wordpress docker pull mysql:latest docker run --name demo-mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=password -d mysql:tag docker run --name demo-wordpress --link demo-mysql:mysql -p 4202:80 -d wordpress ##Deployment of WordPress and MySQL Containers with Docker Compose to Azure Azure Docker Extension Reference