From researching Time Management techniques, a recommendation of using mantras to help make decisions quickly has been suggested a number of times.

The thought process is that there shouldn’t be much of a thought process at all. For example, going out for lunch and someone says “Would you like Cake?”, I would use my “Yes when cake” mantra to tell me to eat said cake without question.

In reality, this should allow focus to be maintained on critical tasks improving said time management. These are the selection that I’ve created and testing out.

To note, I’m looking at a way to maintain these within a digital journal rather than paper based.

I’d rather be a hypocrite than the same person forever

If I have to do it everyday, do it early

If you’re learning, listen, record, then process

Conserve your brain power for whats important

Sooner is better than late

Trust the process

When in doubt, throw it out

Delegate it / Record it / Do it

Measure twice, cut once

Make a backup before changing

If all else fails, read the manual

When debugging, change one thing at a time

Don’t fix what isn’t broken and limit the blast radius of what can change the output

Always test your work

Test now rather than fix later

You’re not done until someone else tests it too

The person that you’re fixing the issue for ultimatly is the person who confirms if it is done

What do people want to know

When on a call, what do people really want to know?

Explain How

Don’t explain what it is or what it does, explain how it works

Focus / Focus / Focus

Just focus