A number of factors have resulted in me deciding to delete my Facebook account.


I’m finding that I’m losing time in the day. Having a young family and a job can be difficult to manage and ultimately have me wishing for more time and usually feeling that I’m letting someone down due to distractions or not reaching my full potential. I used to enjoy having commute time between home and the office to catch up on tasks but that has gone since COVID. Working on a number of projects with context switching is also causing me to become distracted and not functioning as well as I’d like to at both home and work.

I removed the Facebook app off my phone 6 months ago but found myself going back to the web application during the day. The updates I received related to people I no longer engage with on a day to day basis or promoting user groups I had no interest in joining. It felt like wasted time.

This was the hardest blocker for me, am I closing the door to a number of relationships by shutting it down. Maybe. The counter argument for me is that I’ll spend less time thinking about past relationships and focus on the ones I now and in the future.

This also became apparent from a Mental Health Day that we had at Control Plane this week. This interview with Cai Newport was shared and helped me realise that I’m ready to jump ship.


Not much to add here but other peoples opinions including people leaving Facebook in protest of decisions being made by the board.

The Price of Free Services

If something is free then you’re paying for it elsewhere. I’m paying for storage on platforms for photos and any other digital media that matter to me so I don’t need a timeline to share it. When I was younger it was great to connect with others and share lost memories of nights out but as time has progressed I’ve changed. I meet more people now from friends of friends than I do using social medial.

The Process

I’ve heard horror stories of shutting down an account taking days if not weeks. I managed to get a backup of my personal data and delete the account within 30 minutes. Each stage is trying to prevent you from continuing that further influenced for me to shut down the account.

And thats it. Currently the only social media account I’m looking to keep is my Twitter account but I’m going to take this a week at a time to ensure I have no regrets.