Animal Crossing Development

This morning the eldest and I started to play animal crossing together.

The point of the game is to live in a virtual community collecting items and building things. This is almost like the day to day life of working within a consultancy.

As with day to day life, after best intensions chaos crept in with the youngest requiring a nappy change.

This took about 10 minutes, because you know why, and I returned downstairs to find the eldest making progress into the game.

At this point, they had a mix of knowledge from the game (having conversations with characters suggesting what they should do) and their imagination impacting their decisions in the game.

I related this to the projects that we work on within consultancies in technology.

We have an understanding of technologies, languages and patterns going into a project. We often need to learn new technologies and patterns associated with the project.

When we’re looking to make decisions, we have a mix of what has been told to us by our stakeholders (Tom in Animal Crossing) and what we assume (the imagination of a child).

Together, they can either cause absolute chaos with no direction and nothing happens other than wasted time or they can create the most amazing creations that bring so much joy.

This has further proven to me that its as well as having the knowledge and confidence to make a decision its just as important to listen to others and collaborate with both to make the most out of an opportunity.