Deploy Custom Docker Image to Azure Web App

Requires Azure Cli to be installed. Deployment in Azure via Azure Cli: az group create --name HoneyBadgerResourceGroup --location "West Europe" az appservice plan create --name HoneyBadgerServicePlan --resource-group HoneyBadgerResourceGroup --sku B1 --is-linux az webapp create --resource-group HoneyBadgerResourceGroup --name HoneyBadgerApp --plan HoneyBadgerServicePlan --deployment-container-image-name denhamparry/honeybadger:latest Delete resource group: az group delete --name HoneyBadgerResourceGroup --no-wait --yes -y

Updating Plex Media Server with Plex Service on Windows Server 2016 Core

Download the latest Plex Media Server installation file to the Windows Server. wget -UseBasicParsing -OutFile Plex-Media-Server- Open a Powershell window. Stop the Plex Service. Stop-Service -Name "PlexService" Execute the Plex setup file from command prompt. C:\Downloads> .\Plex-Media-Server- Do not launch Plex Media Server after installation, if requested restart the server. Ensure that the Plex Media Server is not set to launch on login: Remove-ItemProperty -Path "HKCU:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" -Name "Plex Media Server" Start the Plex Service.

Setting up Nuget for Packaging and Consuming

Creating A .nuspec file is an XML manifest that contains package metadata. This is used both to build the package and to provide information to consumers. The manifest is always included in a package. Create a .nuspec file To create a new .nuspec file within a project, open a command line at the root of the project directory and enter the following command: nuget spec If the project file is already setup, pass the project filename with the command to include some standard tokens:

Getting started with Yarn

One of my contracts were looking for a way to publish content via packages or content files (html, css, js). They were looking to go for a Nuget solution but recommended using Bower from previous experiences. Then came the part of loading the Bower website to see that they’re now recommending Yarn, the package management system built on top of Node Package Manager (npm) but with added benefits. These are the steps I went through to produce a proof of concept:

My Browser Extensions

Here’s a generic list of extensions I use on browsers. This is purely for reference purposes and any recommendations are welcome! Chrome Extensions Markdown Viewer EditThisCookie Postman 1Password The Great Suspender Page Ruler Currently Firefox Extensions EditThisCookie Pocket MeasureIt Safari Extensions 1Password Save to Pocket OneNote Web Clipper

Proxy certificates with Firefox

Within some companies, proxies are rife. Regardless how you feel about them you have to get past the pain of setting up services that don’t work well with the proxy (not usually at fault of the service) by not giving you any indication as to what happened. This happened with me and Firefox. Setting up a new machine at a new contract, all the other browsers work fine except for Firefox.

My First Developer Workshop & Conference

I’ve been meaning to go to a developer conference for a few years and finally decided to go to the NDC Conference in Oslo. Why? I hit a rut and couldn’t see where I was going any more. My career to date hasn’t been the usual: I started off swapping keyboards and mice after not being able to get a developing job after University Import 30,000 contacts in 3 hours after writing an application to do it for me getting me noticed within the company Became the Head of IT for a financial organisation in Cardiff within 2 years for a company with 150 staff Downsize with the company over 3 months to 6 staff due to the recession and then rebuild the company to 80 staff within a year Quit the 9 to 5 and start up a company with a friend in my Dad’s garage Build the company up to 30 staff in Cardiff Company relocates to Dublin as do I during the week for a year Leave the company and start a contract on Sunset Boulevard 6,000 miles away Start a family and realise the commute so get a new contract 2 miles from my house The career fear has started so quit the contract start a contract in New York for 1 year Go back to the local contract for 9 months then start a new contract locally I’m starting to feel that my career isn’t progressing and I hate the thought that my day to day will continue like this until I can retire (at time of writing I’m 32).

Console log message colour

Function to add colour to console log messages: function log(msg, color) { color = color || "black"; bgc = "White"; switch (color) { case "success": color = "Green"; bgc = "LimeGreen"; break; case "info": color = "DodgerBlue"; bgc = "Turquoise"; break; case "error": color = "Red"; bgc = "Black"; break; case "start": color = "OliveDrab"; bgc = "PaleGreen"; break; case "warning": color = "Tomato"; bgc = "Black"; break; case "end": color = "Orchid"; bgc = "MediumVioletRed"; break; default: color = color; } if (typeof msg == "object") { console.

Getting Started With Docker

Being an IT contractor, I usually find myself setting up a clients environment to get their project to work locally. As these are setup by individuals, there is a lack of common practice to be able to get setup quickly and end up having to put the hot fixes in place that have been in place for years. Initially I looked towards Docker as a way to create identical environments between Windows and Mac.

Setting Up A Home Network With Unifi

For the last 5 years I’ve been using an Apple TimeCapsule as my router and wifi base. The decision to use this was for: TimeCapsule backups. Extending wifi networks with Airport Express. It wasn’t included with the broadband package I signed up for. The UI looked pretty and easy to use. During this time, I upgraded the device (with the replaced devices being handed down to family members), I setup a home VPN to play FIFA on my Xbox One remotely and started to notice the wifi cutting out more often.